S: S: Robinett's Caprines Intrepid AI
SS: Kastdemur's King of the Hill
SD: Kastdemur's Integrity

D: Robinett's Caprines Echo
DS: Robinett's Caprines Candyman
DD: Kastdemur's Simply Marvelous

Born: 2/15/2020

Miss Priss got her name because she thought she
was special, she was bottle fed and generally I feed
4 kids in their pens at a time but not Priss she would
stand and wait till the other 3 were done and then
she would insist on sitting on your lap to feed this
went on until she was 2 1/2 month old and she was
big. She is a pretty doeling black with slight frost
and frosted ears deep bodied doe.
She has been bred to Robinett's Caprines MPR
to kid April 18, 2023.