Our animals are priced reasonably and $100.00
deposit will hold any available animal of your
choice till it is born, i suggest that you select a
1st and 2nd choice in case the 1st choice is not
born.  The balance is due within 10 days of birth.
If your choice kid is not born we will gladly
refund your deposit or transfer it to another
kid that you choose, however there are "no"
refunds on canceled orders. prices quoted are
for pre-ordered kids and must be shipped or
picked up before 6 weeks of age.

All shipping will be at buyers expense, this
includes veterinary expenses (health
certificate) crate cost, airfare and fuel
expenses to transport animal to air port either
Fort Smith Municipal (American airlines) Little
Rock (united airlines) your choice and must be
before the weather gets to hot.

The past few years I have found ground transport to be more affordable and available than airfare. There are many transporters available.

If you choose to pay to have your animal tested
for G6s that payment must be sent as soon as kid
is born for testing to be done. Or any other
testing. We do accept Pay Pal