S:  Robinett's Caprines Come Again  AN1178931
SS: Kastdemur's Heartbreak Hotel  N1138621
SD: GCH Robinett's Caprines Taffeta  AN0801071
D:  Robinett's Caprines Blaz'nstar  AN1048893
DS: Robinett's Caprines Buckskin  AN1040130
DD: GCH Robinett's Caprines Blaise  AI  
Star Fire is brown with black trim. She is a very large doe,  tall  and long
coupled with  a lot of dairy character.
Starfire was not shown in 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010.
Starfire finished her championship her first weekend out in 2006 being
GCH and BOB under 3 different judges. Also shown at 2006 ADGA
Nationals she was 8th place 4 year old and part of 3rd place get of sire..
Shown in 2005 she  was 1 times GCH, 1 time Res. Ch., 2 times 1st, 1
time 2nd and 2 times 3rd.   She was not shown in 2003, but showed 1 x
in 2002 at the ADGA Nationals where she was 6th in the yearling class
behind Moon-Beam.
2009 LA 7-3  91 EEEV
2007 LA 5-2  90 VEEE
She LA  2-2  84 VEE+.
She has been AI'd to Robinett's Caprines Bullet 2 times in 2010 but did
not settle she will remain dry for 2011. Did not breed 2011. Died 2012