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1992 ADGA Recorded Grade
National Champion
Welcome to Robinett's Caprines Nubians web site.
We are located in Dover Arkansas which is located in the north central part of the state
at the base of the Ozark Mountains half way between Little Rock and Fort Smith just
north of I-40.
We raise both Purebred and American Nubians. The lines we work with are all out of
top genetics and are priced accordingly.
Robinett's Caprines started in the 70's in Sonoma County California as a 4-H project
for my daughter and has continued ever since. We show both locally and Nationally and
participate in ADGA performance programs. We were on continuous DHIR for over 10
years in California and continue to linear appraise as often as possible.

Our does are fed Alfalfa hay and a good quality grass hay along with a 16% grain.
The milkers are raised separately from the young stock and graze an 8 acre pasture.
The kids are pulled at birth and raised on a CAE prevention program being fed a heat
treated colostrum and pasteurized milk. They are feed a decox grain "total goat" until
they freshen and eat the same alfalfa and grass hay as the milkers.
The bucks are fed a good quality 14% grain and get free choice grass hay.
All animals get loose goat minerals and baking soda free choice along with limited kelp.

2017 kids will start to arrive  February 10th thru early June.
We will be freshening about 30 does this year and will be selling milkers as they freshen
in an effort to reduce the herd size. We will be selling milkers from $400 and up. I
will be updating the information on which milkers will be available as they freshen, so
keep checking back.

We  randomly test for CAE and G6s and would be happy to test any FOR SALE
animal at buyers  expense. I did test all 2012 and 2013 animals in Dec.of 2013 to
make sure my CAE prevention program is working and all tested negative to
CAE.2015 and 2016 several animals were tested for CAE and were negative. G6S
tested animals results are individual animals information.
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