Robinett's Caprines Embers  AN1378193
Born 3/05/06
D:  Robinett's Caprines A'blaze  AN1290178
DS: Robinett's Caprines Come Again  AN1178931
DD: SGCH Robinett's Caprines Blaise  AN0933217
LA 2009 3-2 90 VEEE
She is black with frosted ears white facial stripes and white trim and underbelly.
This doeling has real good spring of rib and angularity. Freshened in 2008 with a
snug to the belly udder. She is Smokey's litter sister. She was never shown as a
2009 shown 2 X 1X1st 1X 2nd.
2008 shown 4 times 3X 1st 1X 2nd and 1 X GCH
2007 she was shown as a dry 3 times, 3 X 1st, 3 times res. champion.
She has been bred to Rio Vista to kid 4/13/2011
ABORTED will not be rebred for 2011. Died 2011.